Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Welcome to the internet home base for Old Man. This site is less a blog and more of a central web hub. From this page you'll be able to listen to our music, find out about upcoming shows, learn about new releases, and find links to our various social network pages. If you would like to contact us to play a show, fill out a band bill, appear on a compliation or soundtrack, or sign us up for an expensive world tour, feel free to contact us at

History (In the Making)...

Neil Norman (vocals & guitar) and Paul Steven Brown (vocals & guitar) met at Murray State University way back in 1993. The two became fast friends and bonded over a mutual love for stellar '80s indie/alternative/college radio acts like the Smiths, R.E.M., New Order, Billy Bragg, Husker Du, and the Replacements. Incompatible educational paths did not allow the duo to channel their musical interests into a real live rock band of their own. Neil would return to Louisville and form Lanewell, while Paul stayed in Murray and played in the Naguals and formed Radio for the Deaf.

The two eventually reconnected after the completion of their degrees and Paul's move to Louisville. They formed Old Man in 2000 and quickly began to write songs together (many of which they still play). The newly-formed two-piece Old Man began to play shows around town, most frequently at the legendary Old Louisville establishment, the Rudyard Kipling.

Old Man became a three-piece in 2002 with the addition of P.J. Knight on drums. The group eventually blossomed into a full-blown four-piece when Ben Vandermeer (2004 - 2005), and later Aaron Craker (2005 - 2006), came on board on bass. P.J. Knight left the group in mid-2007.

By the end of 2007, Jana Kohorst (drums) and Melissa Gaddie (bass & vocals) had swooped in and saved Old Man from returning to its two-piece origins. Both had played in various local bands, most notably Jana in Pagoda Treehouse and Melissa in Sol 17. With the addition of Jana and Melissa, Old Man has finally become the songwriting and performing machine that it was always meant to be.